Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pics I Missed Uploading

Clicking on the pictures will let you see them without my sidebars getting in the way.

This is Karl and his friend (sometimes) Vidal at the Fallen Tree. That is Vidal's dad and sister in the background.

This is Cristobal, our policeman friend, showing us the water's fine.

My shadow on the water.

Karl in front of one of the pools at the River Pirai. Karl was asking me why I didn't get the shot of him throwing the rock in the water. Uhm, the camera's slower than I thought? Throw another rock. He was worried he was going to hit a fishie. There aren't any fish in these pools, there's nothing for them to eat when the rest of the river dries up, from what I understand.

Karl and Vidal investigating around a pool.

Karl in front of one of the sorting towers. These are used to sort different sizes of river rocks that become very colorful gravel and sand, with is just basic sand. Lots of sand. Everywhere, all the time, it's like a desert here, but it's the rain forest.

There we go, nice big splash!

Beautiful, but too deep and no shore to get in and out of easily, so this is not a pool you would want to swim in.

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