Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cookout time!

(Click on the pic to see it full size.)

Instead of trick or treating like everyone was doing in America, we decided the weather was perfect for a cook out here in sunny Bolivia. The only thing is, all I have to cook with are plastic utensils! I left all my metal cook out gear in the USA, thanks to American Airlines' new one-only suitcase regulations!

I need to get us some metal cook out gear like we had before.

This is the cheapest set I found on Amazon, and I've had one very much like it before. I think I'm going to get another one, so Eli and I can cook out. We'll probably hang them on the underside of the table we are putting out there for us to use when we are cooking out.

Some of the seeds I planted on Evo Morales' birthday on October 26 are coming up, particularly the beans Eli gave me, and the watermelon seeds. I need to get the land cleared super quick so I can get them planted in the ground. Right now they are in tiny tomato paste cans! They won't last long in there at all.

The picture where Karl is standing in front of the flowers, that is in about the same area I am planting stuff in.

And my friend told me on Facebook that I looked skinny in the pic, it's just the way I re-sized it, Karl looks skinnier than he is, too. LOL, so does the pan with the taters in it! It's not just us, I'll have to tell her that ASAP.

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