Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pics I Missed Uploading

Clicking on the pictures will let you see them without my sidebars getting in the way.

This is Karl and his friend (sometimes) Vidal at the Fallen Tree. That is Vidal's dad and sister in the background.

This is Cristobal, our policeman friend, showing us the water's fine.

My shadow on the water.

Karl in front of one of the pools at the River Pirai. Karl was asking me why I didn't get the shot of him throwing the rock in the water. Uhm, the camera's slower than I thought? Throw another rock. He was worried he was going to hit a fishie. There aren't any fish in these pools, there's nothing for them to eat when the rest of the river dries up, from what I understand.

Karl and Vidal investigating around a pool.

Karl in front of one of the sorting towers. These are used to sort different sizes of river rocks that become very colorful gravel and sand, with is just basic sand. Lots of sand. Everywhere, all the time, it's like a desert here, but it's the rain forest.

There we go, nice big splash!

Beautiful, but too deep and no shore to get in and out of easily, so this is not a pool you would want to swim in.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Releasing Mikoh

We released Mikoh Sunday in the late afternoon.

This is where we went to release him. They are adding trees here, and trees are not allowed to be cut down, which means Mikoh, who loves trees, won't have to worry about his tree, whichever one he happens to be in at the time, will be cut down.

Karl saying bye bye to little Mikoh. He will get bigger, but not by much.

And there he goes, bye bye Mikoh! Eat lots of snails and slugs and get bigger!

Karlitos and I on our way to the reforestation area. Trees are forbidden to be cut down here and the neighbors police the area. The only saws you ever hear over here are when people are cutting lumber to build their houses.

The area where we released Mikoh at. Karl was worried the monkeys would come get him.

Letting Mikoh out of the bag ended up in me gently dumping him out. He didn't want to come out! Then he was okay with being in the jungle again, and this is a lot bigger area for him than where he was from.

Friday, November 1, 2013

We Found a Baby Snake!

We think it's a baby anaconda, which if I remember right, isn't poisonous. Karl wants to keep him, but we are no where near being set up to keep a snake. Not yet. Hopefully soon, though. Going to release him outside in a bit, which Karl most likely will be upset about. But, he can't stay in here, lol.

Heavy Rains Last Night and It's COLD Today!!!

I think our friends in the USA sent us some icky weather! But, the rain also cause my tomato plants to sprout, and there is another container of watermelon seedlings sprouting. The bean plant made it through just fine, too. So what am I gonna do today? I've already taken in the cuffs on a pair of scrubs I have, they were too long and I got tired of cuffing them, only to have them roll out and down, and get dirty again, and again, and again.... SO I'll work on this article about black combat boots for a client, then do some sewing, play with Karl, work on an article about how to use Minecraft in a homeschool, and wash some dishes. I have to sweep in here, too, and get some things more organized. I actually have real furniture here, and now I don't know what to do with it! Oh, and I just checked my email. I got hired at! Here's the first part of their email to me: Dear LorriAnne, Thank you for your interest in joining the team! We've looked over your application and we are excited for you to take the next steps to becoming a Fort Wayne Domestic Violence Examiner. In the next 5 days, please publish your first article. SO I am going to work on that, too. Very excited! We're drinking chocolate milk to celebrate! Which, in the USA, powdered milk is all skim, here, it's whole milk! And they said it wasn't possible, so that's why they don't have whole milk in powdered form. I bet the New York politicians had something to do with that big lie!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cookout time!

(Click on the pic to see it full size.)

Instead of trick or treating like everyone was doing in America, we decided the weather was perfect for a cook out here in sunny Bolivia. The only thing is, all I have to cook with are plastic utensils! I left all my metal cook out gear in the USA, thanks to American Airlines' new one-only suitcase regulations!

I need to get us some metal cook out gear like we had before.

This is the cheapest set I found on Amazon, and I've had one very much like it before. I think I'm going to get another one, so Eli and I can cook out. We'll probably hang them on the underside of the table we are putting out there for us to use when we are cooking out.

Some of the seeds I planted on Evo Morales' birthday on October 26 are coming up, particularly the beans Eli gave me, and the watermelon seeds. I need to get the land cleared super quick so I can get them planted in the ground. Right now they are in tiny tomato paste cans! They won't last long in there at all.

The picture where Karl is standing in front of the flowers, that is in about the same area I am planting stuff in.

And my friend told me on Facebook that I looked skinny in the pic, it's just the way I re-sized it, Karl looks skinnier than he is, too. LOL, so does the pan with the taters in it! It's not just us, I'll have to tell her that ASAP.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Latest `pictures

My landlady is a fantastic cook!!!

These are her two kids, Vidal and Jade.

Karl took this picture of our landlord getting dressed.  He´s a policeman in real life, though.

Karl has his bike trailer back again!  Now he has two!

Karl made this!

Bolivia still has pay phones!

Water tower near Mercado Seis.

Karl does not like fruit on his cake!!!

Little stoves for our trip to Peru!

Our new cat before she adopted us.

More of my landlady´s cooking.