Friday, November 1, 2013

Heavy Rains Last Night and It's COLD Today!!!

I think our friends in the USA sent us some icky weather! But, the rain also cause my tomato plants to sprout, and there is another container of watermelon seedlings sprouting. The bean plant made it through just fine, too. So what am I gonna do today? I've already taken in the cuffs on a pair of scrubs I have, they were too long and I got tired of cuffing them, only to have them roll out and down, and get dirty again, and again, and again.... SO I'll work on this article about black combat boots for a client, then do some sewing, play with Karl, work on an article about how to use Minecraft in a homeschool, and wash some dishes. I have to sweep in here, too, and get some things more organized. I actually have real furniture here, and now I don't know what to do with it! Oh, and I just checked my email. I got hired at! Here's the first part of their email to me: Dear LorriAnne, Thank you for your interest in joining the team! We've looked over your application and we are excited for you to take the next steps to becoming a Fort Wayne Domestic Violence Examiner. In the next 5 days, please publish your first article. SO I am going to work on that, too. Very excited! We're drinking chocolate milk to celebrate! Which, in the USA, powdered milk is all skim, here, it's whole milk! And they said it wasn't possible, so that's why they don't have whole milk in powdered form. I bet the New York politicians had something to do with that big lie!

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