Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Releasing Mikoh

We released Mikoh Sunday in the late afternoon.

This is where we went to release him. They are adding trees here, and trees are not allowed to be cut down, which means Mikoh, who loves trees, won't have to worry about his tree, whichever one he happens to be in at the time, will be cut down.

Karl saying bye bye to little Mikoh. He will get bigger, but not by much.

And there he goes, bye bye Mikoh! Eat lots of snails and slugs and get bigger!

Karlitos and I on our way to the reforestation area. Trees are forbidden to be cut down here and the neighbors police the area. The only saws you ever hear over here are when people are cutting lumber to build their houses.

The area where we released Mikoh at. Karl was worried the monkeys would come get him.

Letting Mikoh out of the bag ended up in me gently dumping him out. He didn't want to come out! Then he was okay with being in the jungle again, and this is a lot bigger area for him than where he was from.

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