Thursday, February 18, 2016

Got a Kitten and Another Rooster Last Night

Well, we are in our new place, been here for 12 days now, things are finally getting put away more and more each day. Still have to go get more of our chickens, though. Last night, I went to the store and Lucia told me that there was a kitten at the old place. I went with her to go get it. Almost pure white, with calico patches on its head, and two or three dots on its back and side. Cute little thing, but dirty, oh wow. Took it home in my pocket, so tiny, still had the ubilical cord. She's sleeping now, and I don't know where Gatita is, but she knows her kitten is here now. When I was there, she saw one of the rosters was sleeping in the shed, so I grabbed him, too. Sprained my foot on the way there, so here I am, hobbling along with a kitten in one pocket, two bags of chips for Karl in the other, and trying to keep the rooster under my arm from stepping on the kitten's head. But now he's here with Brownie and three baby chicks.

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