Friday, February 19, 2016

More Chickens!!!

Got Peep and another young hen that we thought was a rooster. They are so hard to tell apart when they are young, have the same mom but different dads. Peep was not happy having his feet tied up at all, but he sure was funny (after the fact, of course) trying to hop out of the bag that he was in to go get the other rooster that was laughing at him.

Then we went back over a couple of times at night and got the mama and her two chicks, and then came back again for two more. Marco was back, and he helped me get the other black hen out of the tree after I got Sylvia. We didn't tie their feet, but just stuck them in the bag and tied the bag instead. Then, when we got back home, I untied the bags, and the girls slept in the bags all night. I guess they liked them. This morning, Peep started in and woke a newborn who was absolutely terrified of him. I tried to get him to go out to the street but he refused and dodged me all the way around the yard several times.

When I went out to feed them, the landlord came over and said I couldn't have them here, so I have to take them across the street. It's actually very nice there! They are going to love it over there.

Now we have to go this afternoon and grab the other two that are left. Stinky is nowhere to be found. not sure if she died or if someone grabbed her. I guess that's the problem with taming birds.

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